“Embracing the Lord
in order to embrace hope:
that is the strength of faith,
which frees us from fear
and gives us hope.”   

-Pope Francis, March 27, 2020



Mental Health Ministry

Mental Health Ministry at St. Catherine’s: Trez Buckland, 206-930-2739, bucklandmike@hotmail.com

Mission: To provide education about mental health conditions, treatment and related topics, to increase acceptance and reduce stigma related to mental health conditions and provide resources.

Resources Links:

Suicide Prevention: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ 1-888-273-8255

Crisis Connections: https://www.crisisconnections.org/ 206-4612-3222 OR 1-866-4CRISIS

NAMI Seattle: http://namiseattle.org/ 206-783-9264

St. James Mental Health Ministry: http://www.stjames-cathedral.org/education/mentalhealth.aspx

Nancy D. Granger, MSN, CNS-BC
Parish Mental Health Nurse

NAMI Washington: https://www.nami.org/ 206-783-4288


  1. Sponsor an educational forum once a month on a topic of interest. These are open to people from our parish and the wider church and community.

Sample presentation topics: Bi-polar Disorder; Natural Methods for Treating Depression; Eating Disorders; Dementia; ADHD; PTSD – Clinical Presentation; PTSD – Moral Injury, A Veteran’s Perspective; Autism – Clinical Perspective; Autism – Personal Story of the Journey of a Son and His Mother; Emotional Support and Service Animals for Mental Health Conditions; Hoarding; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Working with the Crisis Center; NAMI Smarts for Advocacy: Speaking to Legislators; Borderline Personality Disorder and Dialectical Behavior Therapy; The Opioid Epidemic in our Community: What Families Need to Know; Mental Health First Aid; Anxiety: Learning How to Manage Life’s Stressors; Emotional Problem Solving for Adolescents; The Aging Brain and Wellness; Suicide Prevention; Sleep and Mental Health; Dual Diagnosis Treatment; Behavior and Positive Discipline: Strategies for School and Home


  1. Maintain a bulletin board in the back of the church with information about our educational forums and other resources from the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Opportunities to help:

  1. Host the parish coffee hour once a month on the weekend prior to our educational forum.
  2. Help maintain the bulletin board.
  3. Help with outreach through:
  1. distribution of flyers
  2. Creation of flyers
  3. Recruiting speakers for presentations


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